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[request] DC Comics

Okay, so having finally read Lex Luthor: Man of Steel and thus having drooled all over myself for Bermejo's art...

Well, being *me*, I immediately thought to myself: What on *earth* would a Robin suit drawn by this man look like? Of course, we've seen him do Nightwing, but he was pretty clearly sticking to the script, there, as opposed to running wild and free.

And that's why I'm here -- I want to know what *you* guys think. Have a few references:

Clark is large and terrifying.

Lex is hot. And terrifying. And focused on Superman.

Batman almost certainly creaks when he walks.

Um... yeah. I'm hot for Batman! I know you're shocked!

Anyway. I'm just hoping for creaky, leathery, heavily-armored Robins here. Any efforts y'all could make to appease my endless hunger would be greatly appreciated. :D

Betty: See, one of the things Bermejo does that makes everything hyper-real is he *includes seams* in the clothing.
Te: yessssssss
Betty: So I kinda think his Robin looks like the top one on the right of your lj.
Te: Yeah, but he doesn't really creak enough, somehow.
Te: He still looks soft enough to, like, rest your head upon.
Te: ... in spots.
Betty: ...you're right
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I fell hard for Bermejo's art way back when he did the Gen13/Superman crossover. I second, or third, or twentieth, the desire to see a Bermejo-esque Robin.
*siiiigh* SO PRETTY.
God, there would be texture. Like, you could see what it would feel like to stroke your hand up his gauntlet to bare skin or through his hair or along the edge of the uniform's torso armor. And there might be a hint of 5am chin stubble and tousled hair. And scars. We would see Robin-scars.

Oh, happy shiver...
It would be PORN. Serious and ungodly *porn*. Betty was saying how she couldn't see it in the bare-leg style, but... I kind of *can*. It would just be really *obvious* that these boys were shaving their legs, and there might be thigh-stubble, and the muscles would be taut and thick and *real* and -- yes, SCARS.

*flails about*
Plus the panties would be armored.

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Deleted comment

Hmm. Which Robin?

Any or all. :D Though I think toon!Tim would probably look *most* natural in the style -- it's so freakin' *showy* in such a ridiculously dark way, you know?

Did you ever see the Bermejo issue of Global Frequency?

*shakes head* I don't think I've ever read.
I've been trying, but somehow "armored", "leathery" or "creaky" doesn't come easily to me. I mean, I have a sketch of Tim crouching on a gargoyle by now, but I haven't been able to make him look like wearing leather armor. :(
Oooooooh I wanna see! And I... have no useful suggestions whatsoever! *laughs* That style is just so *detailed*. I gotta see if I can find some pencil-sketches by Bermejo somewhere. How does that *work*?
I didn't even attempt to really emulate his style (I'm very sure I can't color like that), just to make it look armored in a vaguely similar way, and it still doesn't work.
*big eyes*

I still wanna see...
For now it's just a really sucky pencil sketch, but I will post it when it's finished, regardless of whether I can manage to make it look like leather armor.
Heh. Yeah, I'll need all the determination I can get, to get from this (i.e. the aforementioned pencil sketch so far), to something that looks vaguely like armor through trial and error (sadly lacking success as of yet).
DUUUUUDE. THE BOOTS. I mean, I love the cape, and the slight changes you made to the tunic, and those kneepads -- and are those seams on the tights? *wibble*!

You're in *good* shape, woman! Especially the slight looseness in his left gauntlet. *rowr*