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[Submission] [DC comics] [req: thete1]

Request: Bermejo style Robins
Artist: vange
Character: Tim Drake
Media: Ink, marker, and watercolor


Portrait done trying to practice Bermejo's faces. Done with grey scale marker and white pencil for highlights. Red brush pen too, because I am incapable of sticking to one medium.

This could stand to be touched up digitally some more. Bermejo's watercolors = hard to do. Highlights in white out, so they're flakey, but the actual pen work turned out well.
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The detailling is beautiful.

I really like the sky, too. *Very* shiny.
Thank you. I'm very happy the watercolors turned out well, I've never tried them to do comic art like this before.
*Wow* I love all the detail work in the second -- the sky, the night, the sense of *noise* -- that's a LOUD Gotham right there, somehow. And the *gargoyle* -- *eee*

But man, something about the first one just *kills me dead*. It's so *stark*, so -- *eeeee*

Thank you. I tired to make it look like reflection from the street lights down below and smog above.

I'm glad you like them, Bermejo's faces are just so grim and compelling, they catch my eye even more than the uniforms in his pictures.
He looks very solid and grim!
Thank you. Timmy's just a tiny grim thing at heart.