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Lyle Norg, REVISiTED...or something o0?

This is for amarin_rose down at Illustrate_me, Rose wanted a picture of Invisible boy in the same kind of the rest of the Legion of Superheroes Kids WB style, for whatever reason.....I was hoping it was to inspire some great mind/muse out there to draw/write fic XD That would make me happy XD

Please don't take this ^^ (not that I think its that good, mainly I'm just attached to it XD) I spent HOURS on it, and my hand hurts because I had to use Ms-dos paint program-thingie(basically lots and lots and lots of clicking to get the stupid pixel art to work for me -.-;;;) because my art tablet broke a week ago. Soooo...

No stealing, it is bad, it leads to hate
Hate is bad, it leads to anger,
anger is bad, it leads to war,
war is bad, people die.... Get my drift?

(was looking for a mood that would come across as something like "my brain has exploded"...there wasn't one) >> I appologise for the pixelation when I saved the stupid thing into a jpeg...grr
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