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[Request] [DC Comics]

So, awhile back, I caught this television advert that included a few seconds' footage of Buddhist monks playing basketball.

My brain being the site of comics-geekery that it is, I immediately went to the Connor (Hawke) place, followed simultaneously by the Connor/Roy and Connor/Tim places.

Which is all a semi-long-winded way of saying, if someone were to draw a picture of Connor, Roy, Dick and Tim playing 2-on-2 basketball, that would make me very happy indeed. Mmm, action poses.

Pair the boys up whichever way: Bats vs. Arrows, little brothers Connor and Tim vs. older brothers Dick and Roy, or get creative and team Roy up with Tim (and Connor with Dick, mmm).

Personal fouls are not only allowed, but encouraged. (Really, shouldn't any activity involving any two of these boys be a full-contact sport, anyway?)

Lastly, I remind you that 'shirts vs. skins' has a long and venerable tradition in basketball history.
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