A. Kyle Payne (amphetamine42) wrote in illustrate_me,
A. Kyle Payne

[request] [DC Comics - Infinite Crisis]

Ok, so I had this conversation with kalinara, discussing the possibility of Snapper Carr being in Max Lord's position in Infinite Crisis:

But it might have been funny if Snapper were wearing a Blue Beetle shirt when he shot him. In a morbidly obscene way. He'd walk off snapping too. ...He could wear the WW symbol, or the "S" when Diana snaps his neck.

For the love of God, someone needs to draw me this. Preferably in either the most cartoony or ultra-realistic style possible.

I don't know what I can promise you in return, save my undying affection. And probably a shoutout on my blog.

Come on, you know you think it's hilarious, too!
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