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[Request] [Marvel Comics (Avengers)]

Sep. 6th | 05:14 pm
posted by: crimsonquills in illustrate_me

Hi there! I was wishing for fanart for one of my stories the other day, and amarin_rose suggested I post over here and see it if tweaked anyone's muse. :-)

The story is Steve Rogers/Tony Stark slash, G-rated. You can find it at this link. It's very short, but if you don't feel like reading it, basically Tony gets caught out in the rain, rescues a cardboard box of wet, black kittens, and the kittens proceed to climb all over Steve while he sits on the bed and tries to dry them off with a towel. Sickeningly cute, I know. :-D Any art of any moment would be welcomed with glee.

Photo references (Steve is the blond, Tony is the brunet):


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Lyle Norg, REVISiTED...or something o0?

Mar. 30th | 12:31 am
music: Linkin Park (<< Why god, why?))
posted by: winterwyvern in illustrate_me

This is for amarin_rose down at Illustrate_me, Rose wanted a picture of Invisible boy in the same kind of the rest of the Legion of Superheroes Kids WB style, for whatever reason.....I was hoping it was to inspire some great mind/muse out there to draw/write fic XD That would make me happy XD

Please don't take this ^^ (not that I think its that good, mainly I'm just attached to it XD) I spent HOURS on it, and my hand hurts because I had to use Ms-dos paint program-thingie(basically lots and lots and lots of clicking to get the stupid pixel art to work for me -.-;;;) because my art tablet broke a week ago. Soooo...

No stealing, it is bad, it leads to hate
Hate is bad, it leads to anger,
anger is bad, it leads to war,
war is bad, people die.... Get my drift?

(was looking for a mood that would come across as something like "my brain has exploded"...there wasn't one) >> I appologise for the pixelation when I saved the stupid thing into a jpeg...grr

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[Submission] [DC comics] [req:thete1]

Jan. 24th | 11:42 pm
mood: sleepysleepy
posted by: yune in illustrate_me

Request: Creaky Robin
Character: Tim Drake
Media: CG (opencanvas)

So... this is my first time posting. So please be gentle.

As creaky as I can get itCollapse )

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[Request] [DC Comics Toonverse]

Dec. 17th | 08:52 pm
mood: hopefulhopeful
music: Bryan Adams - The Only One
posted by: amarin_rose in illustrate_me

I’ve been watching the Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon, and have noted the distinct lack (so far) of a toon Invisible Kid. Since toon Brainy is love (so I think), and I cannot imagine him without his lover best friend, I think there needs to be one, preferably drawn in a similar style as the toon.

Here is a link to some screencaps for inspiration: http://kidswb.warnerbros.com/kids/photos-LegionOfSuperHeroes

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[Submission] [DC comics] [req: thete1]

Sep. 15th | 07:56 pm
mood: artistic
posted by: vange in illustrate_me

Request: Bermejo style Robins
Artist: vange
Character: Tim Drake
Media: Ink, marker, and watercolor


Two full images under cutCollapse )

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[Submission] [DC Comics] [for thete1]

Sep. 7th | 01:36 am
posted by: ratcreature in illustrate_me

Fandom: DC Comics (Batverse)
Characters/Pairings: Tim Drake/Robin III
Rating: G
Media used: Pencil drawing, inked and colored in GIMP
Warnings: None
Notes: thete1 asked for "creaky, leathery, heavily-armored Robins" similar to Bermejo's art in illustrate_me. Unfortunately I can't draw well enough to emulate the style, but I did my best to make Robin's costume look heavy and armored rather than spray-painted on. If you are interested in the unfinished stages, you can also look at the initial pencils, and the finished, but uncolored lineart.
Tim Drake, ca. 90kCollapse )

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[request] DC Comics

Sep. 1st | 02:25 am
mood: hopefulhopeful
music: Steve Winwood: "Can't Find My Way Home"
posted by: thete1 in illustrate_me

Okay, so having finally read Lex Luthor: Man of Steel and thus having drooled all over myself for Bermejo's art...

Well, being *me*, I immediately thought to myself: What on *earth* would a Robin suit drawn by this man look like? Of course, we've seen him do Nightwing, but he was pretty clearly sticking to the script, there, as opposed to running wild and free.

And that's why I'm here -- I want to know what *you* guys think. Have a few references:

Clark is large and terrifying.

Lex is hot. And terrifying. And focused on Superman.

Batman almost certainly creaks when he walks.

Um... yeah. I'm hot for Batman! I know you're shocked!

Anyway. I'm just hoping for creaky, leathery, heavily-armored Robins here. Any efforts y'all could make to appease my endless hunger would be greatly appreciated. :D

Betty: See, one of the things Bermejo does that makes everything hyper-real is he *includes seams* in the clothing.
Te: yessssssss
Betty: So I kinda think his Robin looks like the top one on the right of your lj.
Te: Yeah, but he doesn't really creak enough, somehow.
Te: He still looks soft enough to, like, rest your head upon.
Te: ... in spots.
Betty: ...you're right

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(no subject)

Feb. 18th | 02:48 pm
posted by: brown_betty in illustrate_me

maelithil and I would like to request submissions for an imaginary Batfamily swimsuit issue. I hope you know the kind I mean, batfamily members for no discernible reason on the beach or poolside, having fun in designer swimsuits, (not some un-fun "bat-swimming suit") or whatever your imagination or knowledge of the character suggests to you.


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[request] [DC Comics - Infinite Crisis]

Jan. 2nd | 11:01 pm
posted by: amphetamine42 in illustrate_me

Ok, so I had this conversation with kalinara, discussing the possibility of Snapper Carr being in Max Lord's position in Infinite Crisis:

But it might have been funny if Snapper were wearing a Blue Beetle shirt when he shot him. In a morbidly obscene way. He'd walk off snapping too. ...He could wear the WW symbol, or the "S" when Diana snaps his neck.

For the love of God, someone needs to draw me this. Preferably in either the most cartoony or ultra-realistic style possible.

I don't know what I can promise you in return, save my undying affection. And probably a shoutout on my blog.

Come on, you know you think it's hilarious, too!

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[Request] [DC Comics]

Nov. 27th | 11:11 pm
posted by: buggery in illustrate_me

So, awhile back, I caught this television advert that included a few seconds' footage of Buddhist monks playing basketball.

My brain being the site of comics-geekery that it is, I immediately went to the Connor (Hawke) place, followed simultaneously by the Connor/Roy and Connor/Tim places.

Which is all a semi-long-winded way of saying, if someone were to draw a picture of Connor, Roy, Dick and Tim playing 2-on-2 basketball, that would make me very happy indeed. Mmm, action poses.

Pair the boys up whichever way: Bats vs. Arrows, little brothers Connor and Tim vs. older brothers Dick and Roy, or get creative and team Roy up with Tim (and Connor with Dick, mmm).

Personal fouls are not only allowed, but encouraged. (Really, shouldn't any activity involving any two of these boys be a full-contact sport, anyway?)

Lastly, I remind you that 'shirts vs. skins' has a long and venerable tradition in basketball history.

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Nov. 14th | 02:40 am
mood: hopefulhopeful
music: Tool: "Parabola"
posted by: thete1 in illustrate_me

So, I was talking to sharpest_rose the other day about various things that might happen if Timmy had access to the original Watchtower (turning it into a Deathstar, destroying Tokyo from afar, etc.), and I decided that there really should be more fanart of the little psycho wreaking havoc.

No need for pairings or anything, I just want to see some of that joie-de-hurt-you I love so well. Extra love for people who throw in toon!Babs as his partner in crime, or Bruce completely failing to put a stop to it. Whatever 'it' is.

Specific things I like:

1. Explosions.
2. Big Timmy Smiles.
3. Terrified bystanders.
4. Semi-maimed villains.
5. Big Timmy Smiles.

Please? Pretty please?

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[Submission] [DC: Nightwing] [brown_betty]

Nov. 13th | 11:08 pm
posted by: cyanei in illustrate_me

So. brown_betty linked to a panel maelithil discovered in which Dick is referred to as Batman's "playmate".

She mentioned that she once had shame. I never did, and so this was born.

Title: Playmate
Artist: Cy
Rating: PG for bunny outfit and implication
Warnings: See rating

Clicky!Collapse )

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[Request] [DCU]

Nov. 2nd | 11:13 pm
posted by: brown_betty in illustrate_me

So maelithil discovered a panel where Dick is referred to as Batman's "playmate." I would like to request Nightwing in a leotard with a cotton tail and bunny ears, Hefner style. I... I once had shame.

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[Submission] [DC: Batman] [maelithil]

Sep. 9th | 01:03 am
posted by: _audrey in illustrate_me

An illustration for Devin Grayson's Bruce/Dick kissy thing of DOOM, as requested/suggested by maelithil.

Warning: Biig image ahead. (Because it can never be something *simple*, can it? *headdesk*)Collapse )

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[Submission] [DC: Robin (fanfic)] [mariko_neko]

Sep. 2nd | 01:05 am
posted by: _audrey in illustrate_me

Tamaranean!Tim, from rubynye's 'Frost and Fire'. Drawn & coloured in Photoshop.

Now with Bonus Kory!Collapse )

crossposted to d0wn_on_paper

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