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[request] DC Comics

Okay, so having finally read Lex Luthor: Man of Steel and thus having drooled all over myself for Bermejo's art...

Well, being *me*, I immediately thought to myself: What on *earth* would a Robin suit drawn by this man look like? Of course, we've seen him do Nightwing, but he was pretty clearly sticking to the script, there, as opposed to running wild and free.

And that's why I'm here -- I want to know what *you* guys think. Have a few references:

Clark is large and terrifying.

Lex is hot. And terrifying. And focused on Superman.

Batman almost certainly creaks when he walks.

Um... yeah. I'm hot for Batman! I know you're shocked!

Anyway. I'm just hoping for creaky, leathery, heavily-armored Robins here. Any efforts y'all could make to appease my endless hunger would be greatly appreciated. :D

Betty: See, one of the things Bermejo does that makes everything hyper-real is he *includes seams* in the clothing.
Te: yessssssss
Betty: So I kinda think his Robin looks like the top one on the right of your lj.
Te: Yeah, but he doesn't really creak enough, somehow.
Te: He still looks soft enough to, like, rest your head upon.
Te: ... in spots.
Betty: ...you're right

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